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a special hellmann's lunch

OCT 12 @ 11:30

by Danny
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When I was asked to cook a lunch for some of the food team who develop recipes for Hellmann’s I must admit I was pretty excited. You see, I absolutely love mayonnaise even the one that my Mum makes back home with condensed milk (no I’m not kidding).  I’m prefer savoury over sweet and mayonnaise is always my favourite thing to have on sandwiches, salads and also with some lovely, crispy home made chips.

I often blog about the graduates from Fifteen and how we work together on various events and for this special lunch I invited Joe Gray along to help me cook. Joe is one of our star grads from Fifteen – he has his own catering business and he and I have cooked together for over two years now. I am definitely a home cook and I always learn so much from working with the Fifteen graduates . For this lunch Joe was brilliant as he suggested little tweaks and tips that made everything just right.

We started with Chilled cucumber soup. Ok, I know it is cold in London now but when I was first asked to come up with the menu it was summer. I replaced the crème fraiche in the recipe for a dollop of Hellmann’s. It was a lovely little starter complete with chopped mint and croutons. We then moved onto Polenta chips with Saffron Aioli that was made with Hellmann’s as well. I am a big fan of Polenta chips and our Hellmann’s Saffron Aioli accompanied the chips perfectly.

For the main I served Jamie’s Caesar Salad with giant croutons with a lovely garlicky, lemon Hellmann’s mayonnaise dressing.  I loved this challenge of using the Hellmann’s mayonnaise in different dishes and I am happy to say that our guests enjoyed the lunch as well.  There are loads of different ways to use Hellmann’s mayonnaise and lots of recipe ideas on their website as well:


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OCT 14 @ 10:29

by Sandy

That was a great lunch menu Danny.

I also remember home made mayo with condensmilk.  Would love to make it again but dont know how.  If I remember correctly it was made with white vinegar. 

If you still make it could you please let me know how. Thanks


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