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chilli popper cigars = hot + easy

OCT 16 @ 08:53

by anelpotgieter

I like some things in life hot and easy – like my husband big_smile and then these easy to make hot chilli poppers! The ever popular chilli + cheese has to be up there as one of the best combinations that goes well with a cold beer or two ...

But chilli poppers on the whole are quite messy and tricky things to make as they tend to ooze out of their casings - so I decided to put all the ingredients in a spring roll wrapper and roll it up snuggly into a chilli cheroot of sorts. To make it even easier I used already cut chillies – you know the ones with that sour, tangy taste - and some white cheddar cheese. This is easy, no fuss and you can put this on a plate in no time ... hot + easy + yummy ...

Serves: This really depends on how much you want to make – one wrapper, one cheese chunk and some chilli per person
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time:  5 minutes


Spring roll wrappers – you can buy these at any Chinese supermarket
White cheddar cheese – cut into 1.5cm x 1.5cm x 7 cm oblong lengths or chunks
Pickled jalapeno peppers – the sliced up ones – drained and dried on a paper towel
Cake flour mixed with a bit of water into a paste
Oil for frying


1. Take one wrapper and add a chunk of cheese to the wrapper, add a few chillies and roll-up (see diagram below). Use the flour paste on the seams of the wrapper when you fold it up. It will keep the popper together and it will also prevent the cheese from escaping or oozing out.

2. Fry in oil at 185°C for 4-5 minutes till golden brown.

3. Let it cool down, poor yourself a cold beer, a cider or champers if you wish and tuck in.

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OCT 18 @ 23:04

by redbod

oOOH that sounds good........a few of my favourite foods in one go!!

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