Jamie Oliver

A special Supper Club for San Patrignano

OCT 16 @ 09:56

by Danny


Last Sunday we had a special guest Chef cooking for us to raise money for our Wefree / San Patrignano project. Wefree is a two day event where the community celebrates being drug free - it is a wonderful celebration of dance and this year - thanks to the Fifteen graduates, food as well. For the last year we have been raising money to take a group of Fifteen graduates to San Patrignano to be a part of the celebrations. Our special guest was a Chef called Lorenzo from San Patrignano who is now working at Fifteen. This is a great honour to have him working at Fifteen, we are working with a few young people from San Patrignano as part of the work that we are doing with our UK San Patrignano Association.


Cheers from Danny

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