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Scottish Risotto, Pheasant hash, venison, Bakewell

OCT 20 @ 16:01

by giselecutts

Hello everyone,

Cooking for today started yesterday with dessert as I thought I wouldn't have enough time today to do everything and rightly so as I started at 12 pm today and have not yet finished. To be more precise, cooking really started on Sunday, when we went shopping for meat and vegetables at Gerald David's just outside of Fermoy's. Here is the link if you fancy a visit to their website. It is a family business with 3 generations of butchers: http://www.geralddavid.co.uk

We went to the butchers for Venison, Pheasant, chicken livers and streaky bacon.

Right, we got all of our organic veggies at Fermoy's and we shopped for other ingredients at Asda's. I found out that Asda does every single fruit frozen, which is great for pies with fruits that are not in season.

Well, anyway, I started with the dessert on Monday at the end of the afternoon. I made a sour cranberry bakewell tart.

Next day it was the savoury dishes and I started at noon by chopping vegetables: red onions, parsnips, swede and carrot. I made the scottish risotto, pheasant hash, garlic mushrooms, venison loin.

Our guests were Nigel, Ann and Jill. I was unfortunately so tired I ended up forgetting to take pictures of them but I will amend that next time I see them.

It was an exhausting day but very rewarding as we raised some more money for the charity. I couldn't make it to balled the following day I was so tired.

David helped me a lot, otherwise I wouldn't have made it. By the way, I wouldn't make it at all if it wasn't for his help and support.

Please, keep following this blog and supporting the Romanian charity.

See you soon and thank you for reading me,


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