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Lunch cooked with Philips and Jamie Oliver Tools

OCT 22 @ 09:58

by Danny
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Burgers! I love them and I must admit this was my first choice on the menu for a special lunch that I cooked for the Online Team today courtesy of Philips. This week our friends from Philips gave us two of Jamie’s new range to cook with – a new hand blender and Jamie’s new Philips Food Processor.

I started off making Jamie’s recipe for “Classic Basil Pesto”. As I was making Jamie’s Brilliant Burgers for the main I did not want the onliners  to fill up too much so I served the pesto on grilled ciabatta bread. The hand blender was really easy to use and perfect for making Jamie’s pesto. The kit comes with an attachment for chopping and whisking as well as the standard hand blender. The pesto turned out really well and an added bonus is the fact that Jamie has loads of extra hints and tips like dolloping it on grilled meat, steamed fish or roasted vegetables.

I have always been a fan of Jamie’s burger recipe and it was so easy to whip up all the ingredients in his new Philips Food Processor. I loved the extra flavour from adding the Dijon mustard and on Jamie’s recipe cards he has some extra hints and tips as well like adding some chopped chilli.

Another brilliant lunch made simple by using Philips and Jamie Oliver Tools.


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OCT 24 @ 14:59

by @nGoose1

hmmm I need a processor. I need a mincer, I need a burger!

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