Jamie Oliver

Patisserie and Confiserie Lesson 6: More cakes

OCT 26 @ 12:49

by giselecutts


Another baking lesson at the college. I must admit, today I was feeling very under the weather (and what weather we have: rain, rain, rain and more rain!).

The lesson today was: more cakes. We made Blueberry, lemon and mint drizzle cake, Carrot and Courgette Cake and Sticky Gingerbread.

We always start with 1 hour theory and after a break we go for 3 hours or so in the kitchen.

The teacher divided the class in groups of 2 and 3 to perform those 3 recipes. I helped weighing the gingerbread cake and made 2 carrot and courgette cakes.

A picture and a link to the full website:

http://giseleandjamie.blogspot.co.uk/20 … -more.html



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