Jamie Oliver

my second attempt at mostarda

OCT 26 @ 18:16

by Grandmadamada

following approxximatively a family recipe, adding to it what I have at hand: black unripen figs, russet apples,pear, orange, lemonsmile

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OCT 27 @ 17:46

by @nGoose1

I have just looked up mostarda. It sounds like a cool idea. I had some spiced pickled pear once with cheese and meat, so good. I had it returned as a present, it was out of date we eventually ate it, what a surprise. Nice pic.

OCT 27 @ 22:37

by Grandmadamada


NOV 04 @ 06:49

by runneralps

mmmm looks nicesmile

NOV 04 @ 21:51

by Grandmadamada

ciaooo runner, how are you?

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