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New York marathon

NOV 01 @ 08:53

by Danny

Hi everyone,

Every year a group of staff members from across the company run the marathon in New York. This is a special year as the cornerstone of the Jamie's Foundation - the Better Food Foundation - Fifteen turns 10 and we will be working hard to raise money for the apprentices at Fifteen. In light of the tragedy in New York and the Caribbean we will also be donating some of the money to the relief fund.

We really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations. We will also be holding a special Supper Club when we return to raise money for the relief fund from the devastation that was caused by hurricane Sandy. This is going to be a special race this year as we will be honouring those who lost their lives and also supporting the city of New York to get back on it's feet,

Cheers from Andrew, Charles, Katie, Imogen, Lewis and Danny : )


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NOV 01 @ 12:08

by MsPablo

Good luck everyone!

NOV 01 @ 18:26

by Grandmadamada

braviiiiiii thumbsup

NOV 02 @ 20:42

by RedfoxEstonia

fingers...errr, toes crossed for you, but on the side of your mission and the effort make sure to enjoy the run.

NOV 03 @ 11:09

by MsPablo

I'm sorry the marathon was cancelled.  That must be a terrible letdown.  Had your team flown over yet?  I assume many people had started making their way to NYC before they cancelled.

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