Jamie Oliver


NOV 03 @ 15:28

by Danny

Drop off to the Sports Tour International desk at the Belvedere Hotel, 319 West 48th Street NY.

Thank you everyone for the lovely birthday messages. The best birthday present for me would be for you all to get this message out to as many people as you can. Share this pic! At the beginning of the marathon the runners discard their clothes just before taking off and we are asking all of the runners to donate these clothes for the residents of Staten Island. Tomorrow the London team will deliver the clothes to the residents of Staten Island who have been affected by Sandy. The thing is - the situation here is far worse than you can imagine and I agree wholeheartedly that it would have been incredibly disrespectful to run when so many people have lost everything including their loved ones.

Thank you, thank you and pass this message on!

Danny x

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NOV 03 @ 23:43

by minerva

Given that the marathon is cancelled...............will the runners still donate?

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