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NOV 06 @ 05:29

by Birdymum

These are the latest uses of the alpaca fleece a friend of my hubby gave us, the jumper is hand-spun pure alpaca that I crocheted into a jacket.
The ball of yarn is 50% wool and alpaca again hand spun.
The scarf is wool, alpaca and dyed mohair in equal amounts.

Had to finish these before it got too hot now that Summer is almost here.

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NOV 06 @ 18:10

by Kye

I love the colours and the expert work you have done with the beautiful jacket. Bravo big_smilewave

NOV 07 @ 23:19

by Grandmadamada

mshockedmrgreenmrgreen have you pics of you while spinning, I'm sooo curious

NOV 11 @ 23:09

by Birdymum

Grand_Ma, there are a couple on my face book page in profile pictures.

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