Jamie Oliver


NOV 11 @ 17:38

by runneralps

quick adorable recipe with herbs and EVOO and a touch of flavored Greek wine.....

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NOV 11 @ 17:49

by Grandmadamada

recipe recipe recipe with details even if your mushrooms look beautiful on their own

NOV 11 @ 19:02

by runneralps

ok...here is it....
chop them  spice them up with salt and pepper...heat the oil in a pan  with 2 cloves of garlic and add them inside....cook them gently for at least 5 minutes and then add Greek wine or...CINZANO.....the Italian dry white wine....let it evaporated and in the end add fresh chopped basil or parsley and a tsp of fine butter...on top add gridded parmesan

NOV 11 @ 21:32

by Grandmadamada

grazie runner so simple so good as ususal in your ristorantebig_smile

I tried that and they were very tasty even if I had just cultivated white champignons

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