Jamie Oliver

last minute pasta sauce

NOV 17 @ 21:18

by Grandmadamada

big_smile while waiting for water to come to boiling point I cropped the last tiny zucchini with flowers, fresh marjoram and thyme from my orto, jumping here and there not to step onto lamb's ear radicchio (is that the english for our ardilut/songino??), I had sown everywhere and is growing on the paths aswell, once the spaghetti were boiling I realized the sauce would have been too delicatewinkhmm and let a few slices of speck diced go in a nonsticky pan until crisp. Drained the pasta tossed it into the veg sauce I added the speck on top together with grated parmigiano
................... it's still steaming in the pic can you smell it smilewave

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NOV 18 @ 21:59

by MsPablo


NOV 19 @ 15:55

by runneralps

looks yummy...did you sauté it with evoo or butter?

NOV 19 @ 22:44

by Grandmadamada

always evoo for pastawink

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