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Amazing week!

NOV 18 @ 06:40

by Danny

Hi everyone

Early morning start here in London. It's still dark and I am getting ready to run 26.2 miles around Hyde Park! We are running the marathon that we were due to run in New York. Afterwards the runners and their family and friends are having lunch and the money that we raise from this will be sent back to the relief fund in New York for residents affected by Super Storm Sandy.

My race preparation this week has been a bit dodgy as I have had an amazing week - Fifteen's 15th birthday party on Thursday, my good friend Monica's going away party on Friday night and last night I was out to dinner with friends! I will give it my best shot though and remember who we are all running for.

Take care everyone



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NOV 18 @ 17:51

by MsPablo


NOV 18 @ 23:34

by Grandmadamada


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