Jamie Oliver

where is the 15 minute meals DVD for Christmas??

NOV 18 @ 21:56

by deedaven

Hey Jamie
As a time poor working sole parent, I'm loving 15 minute meals tv show. I bought 4  x 15 min meal recipe books to give as Christmas presents to equally time poor friends. I've been waiting for the  15 min meals DVD to accompany the recipe books. But alas --- can't find it anywhere !!!
30 min meals DVD won't do - cause recipes take longer than 30 mins.
15 min meals also take longer than 15 mins - but that's OK - don't mind them taking up to 30 mins.

I guess you're probably stalling a 15 mins meal DVD release so that the 30 min meals DVD continues to sell. But you're missing the huge Christmas window for 15 min meals to accompany the recipe book - which is selling like the proverbial hotcakes for Christmas gifts.  If you don't release the 15 min meal DVD soon, video will most likely become available illegallly.

Come on, Jamie - get with the program and get the 15 min DVD out there super quicksmile


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