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Yummy winter potatoe dish

NOV 19 @ 09:28

by LzyKtchnPrncss

Hi everyone,

Thought you might appreciate this recipe because it takes almost no time, costs almost nothing and it tastes yum (I think).

*First get yourself a bag of potatoes
Get good ones, not the ones that have been suffocating in a plastic bag, get the ones that cuddle eachother in a net.

*Ripe tomatoes
*Salt, pepper, rosemary, fennel, piment, curry and/or any other spice you like

- Cook armful of potatoes till soft
I added pepper corns, salt, kruidnagel (dunno the English word) to the water
- Throw them in an oven tray
- Wipe the mess off your nose
- Add chopped tomatoes, rosemary and other spices I  mentioned
- Olive oil and nubs of butter
- Maybe add some speklapjes (dunno the English word again sorry) you baked and chopped into little pieces
- Put in the oven 45 min/200 degrees

Yum with mayonaise.


Greetings, (very) lazy kitchen princess.

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