Jamie Oliver

Delicious easy bake white bread

NOV 19 @ 20:25

by Blueladder

With a teenager who can demolish a loaf in a day and a single income stretched to the limit I got tired of sad bargain loaves that tasted of air, had the consistency of cotton wool and the nutritional value of toilet paper. It was time to fight back!!

Over the past two years I've baked a delicious loaf every day filling the house with the dreamy aroma of fresh baked bread, hungry stomachs with mouth melting goodness and my bank account with well over £200 (about $350). Not bad for something you can fit in between making cups of tea and alongside chatting with your children...

I'm sharing it up on Squidoo  (/delicious-easy-bake-white-bread) - I'm going to try a wholemeal one next!!  Get everybody baking!!!!! 

I'm not allowed a link as you're trying to combat spam... but maybe in a later post as I'd like to get you feedback!



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