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pink peppercorn strawberry jam

NOV 20 @ 08:58

by anelpotgieter

I have written about white pepper before but today I want to dedicate this page to a lovely pink lady – the pink peppercorn. She is somewhat of a foxy, seductive siren. Always dressed up and ready for any occasion ... wonderfully pink with so many fabulous and flavourful guises. Who would have thought that she is actually a type of dried berry with a peppery taste and not technically a peppercorn? Her French name is “baie rose” – translated in English to pink berry.

I decided to combine two berries together - the strawberry and the pink peppercorn. This is undoubtedly one of the better combinations I have tasted. It is sophisticated - the sweet and tartness of the strawberry jam dallied with the ever-tempting pepperiness of the pink peppercorn. It is kind of like the Thelma and Louise of the berry world, a wicked pairing of the unconventional with the traditional - if you like pop it on a scone, add a fresh strawberry, a dash of sour cream and a finish it with an extra peppercorn or two ... taste how the taste is catapulted into another dimension.

Note: I use half the normal amount of sugar (I don’t like the jam being too sweet), always add a squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

Serves: 500ml of jam
Preparation Time: 5 min
Cooking Time: 25 min

800g Strawberries – cut into halves
400g Sugar
2 ½ t Pink peppercorns
Squeeze of lemon juice
Pinch of salt

1. Put all ingredients in pot. Put on low heat until the sugar has melted and starts to boil.
2. Then put on medium-high and cook for 25 minutes.
3. If foam has formed on the top of the jam just scoop it off if necessary.
4. Bottle in jars or just tuck in.

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