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We are coming to London! :)

NOV 20 @ 16:17

by S project

Our Dearest Friends,

Only one post about S project in Slovenia reflects our hard work that was needed to finish the first generation of S academY. On Friday 6 Youngsters from risk environment will return home full of knowledge, experiences and hard work. Their employment consultants are looking for new jobs for new cook assistants.

Six new persons. Six different stories. And six reasons why we are aiming to create second generation even better.

In the meantime, we were doing also on English version of our blog.

Do you want to meet two of them? We are coming to London. On December 11th 2012.
To present new amazing »must have« product called Speak, we are launching with our partner Steklarna Hrastnik. Are You curious what it is all about?
Well, it is product that reflects S project at its basis. Unstable on first impression, but fulfilled with content it turns out to be stable and outstanding.
We have some seats available at the premiere event. So if you want to be a part of Speak community:
1.    Take a blank piece of paper (bigger is better).
2.    Write DO YOU SPEAK (one word that best describes you)?
3.    Take a photo (no duck face pls)
4.    Share the photo via FB/twitter/Pinterest and tag Speak on it.


Speak Up!

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NOV 21 @ 07:02

by Grandmadamada


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