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German meatballs - fake rabbits

NOV 25 @ 16:20

by easyteas

I spent a brilliant year at uni in Germany which left me with a lasting appreciation of German food. And I still get spoken to in German by waiters around Europe – must stop ordering Pils and sausages wherever I go on holiday. And looking a bit German.

My German flatmate introduced me to Falscher Hase – fake rabbit. One of those wartime ‘make something cheap feel like it’s more expensive’ recipes. It’s traditionally cooked as a meatloaf with a few hardboiled eggs baked in the middle.

I wanted something a bit lighter so made little meatballs. With the sour cream sauce they’re not a million miles away from Swedish meatballs. But better for being homemade, of course. And very quick – plus using two packs of mince will give you plenty of mixture to freeze for an even quicker tea.

Start with minced beef and pork – a pack of each (about 300 – 500 g per pack). Dice two slices of bacon up and add to the mince. Mix the meat together in a big bowl and grate an onion into it. Add in a beaten egg and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg if you have it. The last thing to go in is a slice of old bread that you’ve soaked in water then wrung out in your hand.

Mix all of this together well and form into little meatballs.

Brown the meatballs in a big frying pan until they’re cooked through and keep them warm in the oven while you make the sauce.

Into the pan the meatballs came out of, pour in a cup of water. Season well with salt and pepper and the juice of a lemon. Stir a spoonful of flour well into a small pot of sour cream then stir this into the pan. Simmer for a few minutes until thickened.

The meatballs should be done by now – serve up with the sauce and some wide pasta or saute potatoes.

Originally posted on my blog www.easyteas.co.uk

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