Jamie Oliver

Pumpkin Bread in a Mason Jar

NOV 25 @ 17:33

by BabiesNBiscuits

My Family and I were out on the road this past week, the day before Thanksgiving.  I didn't want to stop at any greasy fast food chain for something to eat, so the night before, I made these individual Pumpkin Breads for my family to have on our trip.

My mother had given me some fresh canned pumpkin and I was itching to use it.  Instead of baking in a loaf pan, I decided to use Mason Jars so that each person could have their own and the mess in the car would be less.  YES!  You can bake in a Mason Jar!

These also would make great homemade gifts for loved ones!

You can check out the full recipe on my blog, www.babiesandbiscuits.com.


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