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xmas duck in the dual cook

NOV 28 @ 13:33

by Danny
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Christmas came a bit early this year for the Online Team as last week I cooked Jamie’s Roast duck with spicy Christmas rub and Marsala gravy in the Samsung Dual Cook Oven. http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/duck … s-rub-mars

I am a big fan of duck and I often wonder why many of my friends are hesitant to cook it. I think that it’s a lovely alternative to Turkey for Christmas and having Jamie’s recipe for the Dual Cook Oven makes the whole process very easy.

I loved this recipe – the combination of the 5 spice and the sweetness of the clementine worked perfectly and the skin on the duck was nice and crispy as well. The meat fell off the bone and I must admit I was pretty chuffed when I was able to serve the Online Team everything at once instead of having some food hot and other dishes cold. This is down to the fact that the Dual Cook Oven allows you to cook 2 completely different types of food at different temperatures at the same time. If you then follow Jamie’s recipe everything turns out just as it should which results in Christmas cooking that is stress free!

The Online Team were singing my praises because the next day after our Christmas lunch I used the left overs to cook again in the Dual Cook Oven. I cooked the remainder of the vegetables in the top section, and on the lower level of the Dual Cook Oven I cooked a huge pan of baked eggs with the left over duck – it went down a storm! A great week of food and early Christmas celebrations as a result of cooking in the Samsung Dual Cook Oven!

For more great recipes to cook in a Samsung Dual cook oven, visit this page - http://www.jamieoliver.com/christmas/dualcook

For more info on the Samsung Dual Cook Oven, go here - http://www.samsung.com/uk/freshthinking/#.ULYR-I5vY54

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DEC 02 @ 21:01

by @nGoose1

Yum Yum!
Chinese flavours and Duck.
If only I could get it when I visit London. A serious let down last two times I visited Chinatown and somewhere in Padington. I did one Jamie’s Duck leg, pancake recipes some time back, superb results. Also Hugh’s roast duck with amazing gravy was extremely good, the gravy was indeed amazing.
With duck fat potatoes somewhere in the mix, I also wonder why more people don’t embrace it.
Welfare standards of duck vary somewhat. Supermarket wise Waitrose have some great specs. Ponds showers in and outdoor access. We had a label rouge duck last time if I remember correctly, very good.

JAN 01 @ 15:30

by Putra Pakuan

Looked like unique yawn !
Is there any mushroom on it question?

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