Jamie Oliver

Advent Calendar 2012 ...1st December

DEC 01 @ 17:59

by mummza

well , here we are on to another Advent Calendar, sorry this picture is a bit of a blast from the past and has featured before .
I had got a few pictures ready and waiting for this years advent calender but I put them in the external hard drive , but the silly computer for some reason is refusing to recognize it.
Never mind, I will try to get it sorted out by tommorrow.. or if i can't ,I will just take a few more pictures !

So here we go .. today is the First of December and this is the first picture in this years advent calendar

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DEC 02 @ 00:28

by Birdymum


DEC 02 @ 10:52

by minerva

The old ones are still as good love!

DEC 02 @ 13:37

by MsPablo

Love this one mummza!

DEC 02 @ 13:55

by Sandy

Love it.

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