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Fun Project

DEC 05 @ 12:01

by Ephilant

This is a really nice, fun project that deserves your attention and participation. It's not advertising, it's not looking for money, it's simply looking for people who love cooking and would like to use their love for cooking to possible help out those that need a little help.

"Cooking for Greece" was set up by a bunch of Irish people as a response to an ongoing, almost live, reporting on the conditions in the streets of Greece's cities, leading to people needing to rely on food kitchens for a daily meal.

The idea is very simple. Everybody, world-wide, is asked to contribute one or more original recipes, with pictures, to a cookbook to be published called "Cooking for Greece". It will be an ebook, that will be sold on line and all profits will be used to stock the food kitchens in the Chania prefecture on the island of Crete.
I don't want to put up a direct link, just in case this post gets trashed as spam. If you would like to contribute, or pass this on to others, do a quick search for "The People in Need Cookbook project", and the link will be there for you to follow.

Just thought you would like to know about this.
Marry Christmas from Chania, Crete.

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