Jamie Oliver

Advent calendar 5th December

DEC 05 @ 23:52

by mummza

not quite snow I know... today we have a picture of snowdrops , I took this picture earlier in the year , I know its not Christmassy but I love snwdrops and look forward to their arrival in the garden each year.

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DEC 06 @ 09:17

by Grandmadamada

grazie mummzzzzzz

DEC 06 @ 12:16

by Sandy

Thats so pretty, I love snow drops thumbsup

DEC 06 @ 16:19

by MsPablo

I should go out and look for mine!  Mine get confused and bloom a few times in winter.

DEC 07 @ 19:18

by minerva

Mine have popped some leaf-tips up already in my wheelbarrow-planter!

DEC 08 @ 17:46

by Grandmadamada

there were some primeroses(??) primule leaves and buds in hidden corners of our garden before the snowsmile

DEC 12 @ 21:20

by Birdymum

Just lovely

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