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Lasagna Portions

DEC 11 @ 22:54

by chocobanana

Lasagna is a popular choice for special occasions because it can feed a lot of people, but the question often arises as to how much lasagna we should make. It is nice to have leftovers sometimes, but nobody wants to end up with so much excess food that they have to clear a space in their freezer for it. Worse than that, though, would be finding that you do not have enough food to feed all of your guests without making the portions very small. Preparing the perfect amount of food can be tricky.

The rules will be different depending on if lasagna is your only dish, main dish, or a side. As a general rule, one 13×9 pan will make enough lasagna for eight people as a main dish. If the lasagna is alone with no sides, then that might be more like six people, but generally you will have garlic bread and/or a salad to go with it. The eight people per pan rule is fairly consistent, so you’ll want to round your guests to the nearest multiple of eight.

If you are cooking for ten people then it is probably better to round down to one pan and add an additional side than make a whole other pan and have more than half of it leftover. Salad and garlic bread is a great combination, and if you have a couple options of salad and either garlic bread or buns then you’ll definitely have enough food for two or three extra people without making a whole other pan of lasagna.

However, if you are cooking for more like fourteen or fifteen people it will be a good idea for you to make two pans. Chances are you know somebody with a big enough appetite to go back for seconds, and if not then you have a lunch for later in the week. Once you get up past two pans you might want to start re-thinking lasagna as your main dish. Delicious as it is, it can be pricy and time consuming in larger quantities.

Lasagna works just as well as a side dish as a main course, and one pan should be enough for sixteen people used in this way. It is a great food to put out as part of a potluck cut in these smaller portions. If you opt to have a barbeque then it looks great next to a steak or chicken breast.

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