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Unique & Tasty Ingredients For Lasagna

DEC 17 @ 18:56

by chocobanana

When it comes to cooking for the family, nothing brings joy like home-style lasagna. Hot and delicious, it’s perfect for the colder seasons and it’s a fun way to bring all your loved ones around the same table. Lasagna, best known as a comfort food, can be incredibly simple to cook. In fact, most people have their own family recipe that, if followed precisely, will always produce an awesome baked pasta that even grandma’ would be happy to eat.

One of its greatest strengths as a simple dish is that the ingredients to make lasagna are cheap and readily accessible to everyone.  Well, what are the ingredients for lasagna? Let’s look at the basic ingredients for a lasagna.

    Lasagna Noodles
    A tomato-based sauce
    and Meat

This doesn’t sound very exciting, but its beauty is in its simplicity! The ingredients in lasagna, traditionally has, always been very simple. However, the world of food has become so much more exciting and adventurous with the advent of the internet! Now we’re free to compare our favorite lasagna ingredients and recipe with each other and come up with something unique and tasty.

Since so many people truly love their vegetables, so let’s start with some ingredients for vegetable lasagna.

Mushrooms:  Try dicing your mushrooms and cook them directly in your tomato sauce. Mushrooms easily combine with the base of your sauce. It’s one of the most important vegetable lasagna ingredients.

Zucchini: Slice your zucchini into coin-shaped slices and layer them within your other ingredients of lasagna. The flavor of zucchini can cut through all that cheese and tomato and give your palette a fresh and clean experience.

Eggplant: Of all the ingredients for vegetable lasagna, eggplant may sound the strangest; however, if you slice the eggplant length-ways and bake them separately in olive oil prior to layering them with your lasagna ingredients, you will delight your taste buds with a healthy refreshing flavor.

For all of you who crave more than just the ingredients for vegetarian lasagna, here are a couple meat and cheese ingredients for lasagna that should please anybody!

Cottage Cheese:  This isn’t so unique, but it sure is tasty! Cottage cheese’s pungent flavor compliments the sharp acidic nature of the tomato. Drain the cottage cheese and pepper your lasagna layers with it.

Sausage: Ground beef is one of the typical ingredients for lasagna recipe. However, try adding sausage as one of those special ingredients to lasagna. The different variety of meat in sausage can add additional spiciness and savory flavors.

There you have it, some ingredients lasagna lovers will surely enjoy! Now go make your lasagna unique and delicious. Your family will love you for it!

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