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King the Kid band

DEC 18 @ 10:34

by KingTheKid

"King The Kid"  All Set To Launch Their New Album "Start Something"
It’s the end of the year and we all know what that means....Christmas! Kids are getting
excited about what they will be getting on christmas morning. Here is an item you can add to
your Chrismas list. It’s a hot new group that has just released their debut  album.
Ricky Ficarelli, David Michael Frank, and Jose Mostajo make up the new rock/pop band
named “King the Kid”  and they have made a name for themselves the same way that many
other artists are choosing to do so these days. They are what ’s hot and they have just
dropped their brand new debut album entitled  “Start Something”. What started out as a
group of friends playing cover songs from other bands has now transformed into a fresh new
group that puts out some really impressive, hot tunes.
Ricky Ficarelli is a Florida boy who moved out to Los Angeles to make it big in the music
industry. He plays drums for the band and has a big following on Youtube for his drum cover
David Michael Frank was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. He plays guitar,  sings lead
vocals, and is a song writer. He wants to make it big doing what he loves to do.
Jose Mostajo is a southern boy from Atlanta, Georgia. He loves to play and write music. He
has made a name for himself doing solo gigs and covers on Youtube and has gained a
pretty good following.
These are just three very talented, all-american guys working hard and trying to make it big.
They have a very distinct, rich sound to their music like you’ve never heard before. This isn’ t
just another independent rock label...these guys are the real deal and they will be very
successful in the music industry.
These guys have been working very hard together and they have refined this new album
down to a work of art. When you hear this new album then you will be instantly hooked on
their music and you will have to listen to it over and over again. Heck...25 million youtube
viewers can’t be wrong. This band is going to be the next big thing and we get to see them
develop on the ground floor and follow their careers to the peak of the music business. Go
out today and pick up “ King the Kid’s” debut album “Start Something”.

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