Jamie Oliver

Advent Calendar Picture .... 20th December 2012

DEC 20 @ 09:14

by mummza

This door wreath was made by young Millie , aged 6 .
The base is a circle of several boughs of Ivy just tied together .
She decided what would be tied around the edge and we gathered the foliage together .
Including Rosemary from her garden.
I tied it into little bunches for her and she set about tying it all to the circle of Ivy .
The end result is this very impressive door wreath that was ready hanging on the door as a suprise for her Mum when she came back from work .

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DEC 20 @ 09:39

by minerva

How wonderful..............glad you are instilling a little bit of pagan into her at an early age (hahahaha!). Bet Mum was pleased & impressed with Millie's handiwork.
You both did a cracking job on it.

DEC 20 @ 20:09

by mummza

Thank you Minnie , she had such a good time making this wreath .

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