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Advent Calendar .. 21st December 2012

DEC 21 @ 21:56

by mummza

Baubles on my Christmas tree

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DEC 21 @ 22:01

by mummza

Well I have to admit that all we have on the tree at the moment are some lovely glass baubles and one or two of the other decorations , it's not fully decorated yet . It still needs all the wooden decorations that we have collected over the years and also all the various decorations that my freinds bring me back from their holidays .. I just love all the beautiful memories that the decorations bring with them .

DEC 22 @ 14:17

by Birdymum

thumbsupwave been very busy lately, haven't had time to catch up with your gorgeous Advent Calendar. But as usual it is wonderful.

DEC 22 @ 23:42

by mummza

thank you Brdymum

DEC 23 @ 14:45

by MsPablo

Very pretty!

DEC 24 @ 18:07

by minerva

Loving the clear glass ones.......
......I don't have colours on mine, just crystal icicles & clear glass baubles.

DEC 27 @ 21:36

by ambie

It looks very pretty! We also have pretty decorations on our tree, my favourite two being ones that have pretty birds on them that I bought at the Christmas Market in Bath last year, however, most of mine are hidden behind various salt dough and wooden decorations that my children have made and painted.....!  smile

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