Jamie Oliver

how can I tell you

DEC 22 @ 15:39

by Grandmadamada

I'm proud of this pappa I cooked and of the little taster aswell, ...... this happens only once the plate is almost empty and it's allowed to get in touch with the structure and composition of the ingredients, preparing them is also a wonderful play, the most gratifying is to slice zucca violina and discover the seeds while snmelling its profumo, we could say it's sweet

happy Xmas all of youbig_smile

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DEC 23 @ 08:35

by BritFinn

What a lovely photo, Grand-ma,  The little dimples just make me smile.  A very happy Christmas to you and yours big_smile

DEC 23 @ 15:15

by Grandmadamada

ciao BritF and thank you for your kind complimenti, have a great Buon Natale wish for you and your family from us allbig_smile

DEC 25 @ 22:39

by Birdymum

Just beautiful Grand_Ma,
exactly what we have come to expect of you.thumbsup

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