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Healthy Lasagna Tweaks

DEC 26 @ 17:34

by chocobanana

An easy to make dish steeped in Italian tradition, lasagna is a family favourite all over the world.  With its layers and layers of delicious ingredients, and the many ways there are to prepare it makes lasagna a delicious comfort food perfect for this chilly time of year.  While lasagna is a delicious, easy and inexpensive meal that many people crave, it’s rich, care-worthy flavour is owed almost completely to carbohydrate rich pasta as well as a heap of delicious stringy cheese.  If you’re a health conscious individual, or simply trying to lose a bit of weight, lasagna might be something you think you have to cut out of your diet.  With a few healthy tweaks, however, lasagna can still be a part of your life and a great comfort food to get you through the chilly winter season.

Whole Grain vs. Processed Flour

Remember, white flour based foodstuffs have virtually no nutritional value and bleached flour is almost instantaneously converted to sugar in your body.  When preparing your healthy lasagna, use whole grain  pasta!  While whole grain still contains complex carbohydrates, you will also be consuming vitamins, minerals, fibre, and essential fatty acids that your body needs.  Protein and fibre are lost in the bleaching process.

Add Veggies!

A good idea is to load up on vegetables.  There are a lot of delicious vegetables that would go really well in the pasta cause you use for your lasagna.  Adding vegetables will also enhance the flavour and add valuable nutrients to your meal.  Some delicious vegetables you might want to consider adding to your lasagna: spinach, onions, broccoli, peas, green means, or any color of pepper.

Lean Mean Meaty Machine!

Make sure you are choosing on the leanest meats for your lasagna.  While delicious, avoid pork which is high in sodium and saturated fats and contains little protein.  Beef is also an unhealthy choice as it is high in cholesterol, heavy, and difficult to digest.  For a healthier version of lasagna, we suggest using lean cuts of poultry such as chicken or turkey or even some fish, such a salmon.  Poultry and fish is full of protein as well as essential fatty acids, low in cholesterol, and delicious!

If you’re looking for a way to work your favourite comfort food, lasagna, into a healthier lifestyle, we are sure these types will help.  Why not try going back over some of our delicious lasagna recipes and make these changes.  We promise that following these few guidelines will still yield a delicious lasagna, and keep you healthy at the same time.

From my blog: http://mylasagnarecipe.com

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