Jamie Oliver

Minnie's Birthday

DEC 27 @ 23:39

by mummza

Happy birthday Minnie
I took this picture in the  summer  when I was with kye in the gardens of the louvre with Kye

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DEC 27 @ 23:40

by mummza

Oh no the picture hasn't come out will have another go in the morning

DEC 28 @ 07:43

by mummza

After several attempts at loading the big pink dahlia  photo and it still refused ...I have decided to post the picture of the lavender bushes that were growing behind the dahlia and the convululus that  was growing beside the dahlia !!!
Happy Birthday Minnie xx

DEC 31 @ 14:16

by minerva

Thank you for the extra 'Advent Calendar' picture you always post for me.....
....Dahlias are good, but to an Herbalist, Lavender will always be better!!!
So there's a happy coincidence for you!

DEC 31 @ 16:04

by mummza

that is a pleasure Minnie and I know you would have loved the picnic that we had in the beautiful gardens and all the goings on there as it was Paris Fashoin week .wave

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