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Christmas turkey

DEC 30 @ 08:15

by mummza

We cooked the Christmas turkey as we usually do in low oven overnight.
Doing this ensures a well cooked turkey that is tender and needs little in the way of looking after.

To do this the turkey should first be got to room temperature
I prepare the turkey simply ,I remove any string that the butcher has used to truss the bird.
I put seasoned butter under the breast skin , a lattice of bacon over the turkey breast , herbs an apple cut in half and sometimes some garlic into the cavity of the bird.
Bacon lattice over the turkey breast .

Then I place the turkey on a deep foil lined roasting tray .
The foil is ready on the roasting tray laying across it in a huge cross shape , turkey goes into the centre of this and then a lityle white wine is added into the tray .
The foil is gathered up and sealed at the edges , so as to create a 'tent' effect ofer the turkey with space between the turkey and the top of the foil and this allows it to self baste.
To cook the turkey , I put the temperature of the oven at around 190c for around an hour then turn it down to around 100c and leave it to cook overnight.
In the morning I turn the oven up again to 190c for an hour . Then that's it .. Turkey cooked !
It gets checked to see that its fully cooked then removed from the oven , still wrapped in the foil , then onto it gets a couple of thick towels or blanket or small duvet put on top of it whilst it rests.
The turkey is still hot when its ready to serve at lunchtime.

By cooking the turkey like this ..the  oven is free then for other cooking and the star of the meal cooked ..it takes a lot of pressure off the meal.

The other advantage is that the turkey meat is never dry , it always retains a lot of the juices and is I am told pretty darn tasty .

I know a lot of people think that turkey is either tasteless or over rated but my family realy enjoy it , they like the depth if poultry flavour that comes from a good free range turkey , but then , even though I never eat meat myself I am a bit fussy about what turkey I buy and I always make sure it comes from a reliable butcher , I pre order it and ensure its not too large for the family to eat comfortably within a few days .

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