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Chelsea Buns

DEC 31 @ 09:17

by michael_toa

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have recovered from all the excessive eating and drinking. Yes, Christmas is done, but at my home, season's eatings continues... with these lovely Chelsea buns.  I did some history research before baking these buns and found out that the buns go way back to the early 18th century; gaining its name from a bakery, the Bun House, in Chelsea area in London.  So, it's not associated with the football club as some friends suspected.

I used a mixture of raisins and golden raisins for the filling here. But, had I some currants and dried cranberries, I would have thrown them to the mixture as well. Some lemon or orange zest would definitely add to the flavour as well.

Serve them warm with soft butter, or if you're like me, some vanilla and lemon curd... heavenly.

I am quite glad that 2012  is soon coming to an end. This year has not exactly gone to plan, and it sucks! But  someday I know I will appreciate all that happened. In the meantime, I will be patient, continue learning and seize every opportunity along the way... 

I also want to take this moment to thank all of you wonderful readers and friends from all parts of the world, for reading, commenting, blogging, tweeting and sharing your stories with me. I wish you a very happy new year! Have a great one my friends...

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DEC 31 @ 23:17

by mummza

Mmmmm they look good big_smile

JAN 01 @ 23:28

by @nGoose1

Look nice. I have made an Italian bread thats similar Genaro's recipe. Pesto and Tomato , it was years ago, good though.
I like the name Bun House
cool post

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