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JAN 02 @ 16:21

by runneralps

it was one of the dishes i cooked  during the holidays .  Covered with bacon strips  and seasoned with smoked sea salt. We had it with potatoes and lemon mustard sauce... stuffed with lemon , rosemary, onion and smoked sausages....really heaven

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JAN 02 @ 21:35

by @nGoose1

Pheasant, amazing, our pheasant is right at its peak at the moment. Looking forward to doing Jamie’s Pheasant Schnitzel at the weekend.  Its in this months Jamie Mag. A pheasant and chestnut soup will make good use of the other bits. I often get freebies off other people in the family. But have bought them at £5:99 a brace, superb value.
Your Pheasant does look nice.

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