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Seems so long ago but ...

JAN 04 @ 04:51

by mummza

It was only a few weeks ago that I took myself to Fifteen knowing that there was going to be a street food fayre on the day of the last supper club to celebrate the 10 years of the fifteen foundation , ( now called the better good foundation ) . I arrived early inthe morning to see what if anything I could do to help .
What amazes me is how the street transforms from an empty space into a place buzzing with activity in really a very short space of time .
I am hoping these photos give you some idea of how the street filled with people.

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JAN 04 @ 07:03

by Grandmadamada

mummza you must be honoured with the 2012 best food reporter award ..... and go on in 2013, of coursewinkthumbsupwavewave

JAN 04 @ 21:02

by mummza

Grandmadamada , you are very kind xx
The supperclubs that I was going to have now come to an end but I am hoping to get to a few thers ad  will be sure to let you know .

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