Jamie Oliver

Day 11 Rogan josh

JAN 04 @ 10:00

by Belwhicooking

Tonight again a bit rushed end of a full week so a very quick rogan josh from Jamie's thirty minute meals . I love this it is mostly veg and the flavours are strong and beautiful . Leaving the skin on the butternut pumpkin ( as we call them here in Australia ) really gives a nice texture .
In the recipe book he also includes a rice , lemon pickle, carrot salad, chapattis packet of poppadom and a beer. If you have the time do the whole meal put on some Indian music enjoy. I  did the full meal a few months ago and really sorry I did not take a photo as all the colours made it very inviting.

As I tell friends I am doing a blog of 365 days of cooking something new ,they look at me and say "how can you find the time ?" Like I say "we all have to eat and Jamie really has some good home cook meals that are easy ."

It has not been hard at all. I think the hardest part is choosing what to cook .
Plus when the family likes a meal they ask me to do it again . I am trying for a different meal every day so some nights it is  like a little restaurant . "Ok who wanted the crunchy crumb chicken it is ready and who wanted the rogan josh another minute just have to grill  the chapattis ." Happy cooking wave

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