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Little hampers

JAN 07 @ 18:13

by mummza

As Christmas gifts for some of my friends and neighbours
In the little basket was a tea towel ,
homemade plum jam
homemade marmalade
Homemade onion 'marmalade' .
mixed peppercorns that looked all Christmassy as I'd made the mix with a good amount of pink peppercorns
Cinnamon sugar
Fresh lemon curd
Pistachio nuts

The photo shows the little baskets in the process of being filled .
I think it was a very successful gift as everyone has seemed realy excited to receive it .

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JAN 07 @ 20:09

by Chrissa SKG

smile wow, nice job!

JAN 07 @ 23:46

by mummza

Thank you Crissa

JAN 12 @ 16:03

by minerva

More & more people are getting fed-up of commercialised Christmas, & so much more enjoying this sort of gift.They look lovely.

JAN 15 @ 17:02

by yiot69

great! i'd certainly love to receive a gift like this!

JAN 24 @ 23:09

by mummza

Thank you all xx

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