Jamie Oliver

My Garden

JAN 11 @ 05:45

by shammrok

The parsnips and celery with Mr. 6.

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JAN 12 @ 15:54

by minerva

Mine came to nothing last year.
What wasn't washed away by rain & floodwater, simply failed to thrive in saturated ground.
Glad to see yours looks very lush.

JAN 12 @ 23:08

by shammrok

Hi MIn wave

We have been working hard to grow a variety of vegs to feed ourselves.
We installed a big water tank to catch rainwater so watering is not so costly and we have been blessed so far for our efforts. Some of which will go to the Community House. smile

JAN 13 @ 23:08

by minerva


Growing veggies seems a long way away to me at the moment...we are expecting snow to start falling tonight , & to last at least a week..........but it's really just a few weeks away now!

JAN 18 @ 09:45

by leticia.araujo.1069

UAU! This is really your garden? Just... congrats! So beautiful!  Go straight to my folder "one day...". Really, really congrats!

JAN 18 @ 09:51

by shammrok

Yes this is one third of my garden. I have two others beside it. We converted our old dog runs into gardens. The 6ft fences are just great for beans. smile

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