Jamie Oliver

Georgie's chicken soup

JAN 11 @ 15:07

by Merlin

Temperatures in London have plummeted in the last few days, and what with everyone feeling a little worse for wear, I made Georgie's chicken soup from a featured How To video we published this morning (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBxo5GimGHw) for the online team's lunch.

It's a fantastically easy and wholesome meal, and can be done in one big pot on the stovetop (although I did mine in Jamie's Homecooker). It's as simple as prepping the veg and then leaving it all to simmer for an hour and a half before you strip the gorgeous juicy meat from the chicken and serve with warm buttered bread, a squeeze of lemon and a generous helping of black pepper.

Georgie's video is the first of a new wave of fantastic videos coming to Jamie's Food Tube, which is officially launching - in style - on the 21st of January, so subscribe to stay updated! http://www.youtube.com/jamieoliver

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