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Vegetarian 'pasta cheese '

JAN 11 @ 19:33

by mummza

Now this is something that we on the forum get posts about all the time ... Recipes that are vegetarian but use parmasan cheese .
Here we have an alternative , it's a similar cheese to Parmasan but clearly can't be called it as parmasan has a protected status .
This is a similar style of cheese and can be used in a recipe that calls for parmasan .
Forum member , missfoodwise , tells me on Instagram (where I also posted the picture ) that she met the cheese maker last year and he is passionate about his cheese, he says it will keep in the fridge for 6 months .

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JAN 23 @ 22:03

by mummza

Now I've tried a little chunk of this I thought I'd tell you what I think of it.
It's ok .

I prefer the original parmasan to this , but that uses animal rennet and so is not really suitable for vegetarians , this cheese is made with a vegetarian rennet .

I found the texture a bit smoother and less crumbly than the original Italian parmasan , it's taste is sort if similar but you need to eat a little chunk rather than grate it to detect the full flavour.
It seems to be a much younger cheese than the Italian parmasan which probably accounts for the very smooth nature if the 'pasta cheese ' .

Would I buy it again ... Well yes but not for me for visiting strict vegetarians .
I might be vegetarian but that is because I hate the taste and texture of meat and I can't eat fish .
(I usually eat the proper Italian parmasan .)

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