Jamie Oliver

Cornish pasties day 22

JAN 14 @ 23:40

by Belwhicooking

Thank goodness the hot weather has eased a little .
This morning I looked in the fridge and thought just cook something .I wanted to use up vegetables before doing my shopping tomorrow . I didn't have any skirt steak so it is just veg but that's part of cooking for a family making the dollar go to the end of the week.
With the bush fires in Australia being so wide spread they expect meat and veg to go up in price for a while because of supply .smile

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JAN 15 @ 08:23

by Grandmadamada

that looks thumbsupbig_smilewavewave

JAN 16 @ 21:38

by Belwhicooking

Thanks it was so nice , however my husband did notice the lack of meat.hmm

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