Jamie Oliver

jamie...ive eaten all over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JAN 17 @ 15:24

by hotcupasoup

paella for two in spain!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maltease coffee in malta!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hot chocolate and croissantes in france!!!!!!!!!!!!!
greek salad in greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pineapple juice in turkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!
english cooked breakfast in london!!!!!!!!!!!!!
coca-cola in africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chinese takeaway in southampton!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but i never had a mothers breast milk no!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when i got stranded with strangers in my house im living in today they gave me orange squash with tap water!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt actually mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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JAN 28 @ 03:00

by hotcupasoup

yeah comon that was always in my favor about family rights and wrongs on all levels!!! see!!! not guilty of being a total (all the words under the sun!!!) i dont believe so!!! not even today when i could easily say i was always on the breast for 1234 worlds just for cheap thrills!!! no!!! in fact this is all making me feel uneasy and worried sick about what friendships you have been keeping!!! all this time!!!

youre not that much of an idiot are you??? to make me suffer from that level of bullys all my life for no reason other than you like to be known as always on the breast of the typical cold climate woman??? and not her!!! her!!! that one!!! shes the big weirdo!!! huh??? then id never be your friend not in a million years!!! if im onto the real you here!!!

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