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What are some natural strategy for allergies?

JAN 22 @ 13:36

by christinehoward

My question for you is how do I handle the environmental or seasonal  allergies?  I am aware that things like mold, pollen, and mud could be  triggers.  Surely why these are not as easy to prevent as I can keep  the home clean and readily air cleaner, but I can not control these  allergens outside and anywhere else that I go.  Much like me beyond my house  more than I am inside, this seems like it could be a problem.  I have struggled with seasonal allergies being a kid and also had asthma.   The classic symptoms such as runny nose, itchy throat, come a few times a  year and try to vanish entirely after a couple of era of clariton. I was wondering  what the best long lasting therapy is to aid with tics and overall  health?  Allergy shots?  Regular anti-histamine use?  Daily Quercetin?   Thanks upfront!

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JAN 22 @ 23:37

by Belwhicooking

I can only tell you my experience and may be it might have some benefit for you.
I suffered terribly with hay fever,  some kind of tummy upset and an arthritis kind of pain in my hip.
I ended up giving up processed food and my health improved within two weeks. It was really an accidental discovery because I set myself a project to improve my cooking by doing one Jamie Oliver recipe a day that forced me to buy more fresh fruit and veg and stay away from processed food . 
Lactose and gluten can cause hay fever like symptoms .
I had a friend at work who always was sneezing and he gave up bread and he was fine.
I was more convinced when one night during my healthy eating campaign I got lazy and had a highly processed nachos and got hay fever the next day.

Joe Cross did a documentary on healthy eating called " fat sick and nearly dead" while it is was rather extreme  ( he only had juiced veg and fruit for 60 days ) he did improve his health and lost 45 kg.
I think keep a food diary it will take time but a little time now saves all those days of feeling sick.
I often think maybe all the herbs and spices Jamie uses has to be beneficial to health .
Good luck from Belinda

JAN 23 @ 02:19

by christinehoward

Thanks for your reply.. greatly appreciatedsmile

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