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How it has improved my health

JAN 22 @ 23:53

by Belwhicooking

I would like to share my health improvement since cooking one Jamie Oliver recipe per daywink.
I suffered terribly with hay fever,  some kind of tummy upset and an arthritis kind of pain in my hip.
I ended up giving up processed food and my health improved within two weeks. It was really an accidental discovery because I set myself a project to improve my cooking by doing one Jamie Oliver recipe a day . That forced me to buy more fresh fruit and veg and stay away from processed food . 
Lactose and gluten can cause hay fever like symptoms in some people.
I had a friend at work who always was sneezing and he gave up bread and he was fine.
I was more convinced when one night during my healthy eating campaign I got lazy and had a highly processed spicy nachos and got hay fever the next day.

Joe Cross did a documentary on healthy eating called " fat sick and nearly dead" while it is was rather extreme  ( he only had juiced veg and fruit for 60 days ) he did improve his health and lost 45 kg.
I think also the herbs spices and lemon juice that Jamie always uses is beneficial to our health.
Happy cooking everyone.

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JAN 24 @ 14:13

by mummza

That's good to hear big_smile

JAN 25 @ 08:22

by Pakman

That documentary is great! Keep it up thumbsup

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