Jamie Oliver

wild mushrooms risotto

JAN 23 @ 14:39

by runneralps

it was cooked earlier today with chopped mushrooms , rosemary , parmesan, and  creme fresh....
best  seen on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/runneralps … hotostream

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JAN 23 @ 19:11

by Pakman

That looks great! thumbsup

JAN 23 @ 21:55

by mummza

That's interesting that you have shown this , just over a week ago I tasted a rissotto that was similar , the one I had tasted seemed to have had some cream added , I had never had a rissotto that had been made like that before and I'd been thinking about it.
I usually make risotto with a fresh vegetable stock .
I add parmasan but not never any cream or creame fraise .
I might try this sometime .

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