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Apple Chutney

JAN 23 @ 21:08

by mummza

Today I have been busy making apple chutney .
I used the Magimix to help me chop and slice the apples and onions and just a few apples I hand chopped .
I varied from the original recipe a bit as I added some very fine chopped fresh ginger into the chutney itself as well as putting some into muslin bags which I removed at the end of the cooking .

It's a nice chutney , very easy to make and already very tasty , I shall be tying to stop my darling opening any jars of the chutney for a few weeks whilst it matures a bit but I can tell you it has a really good flavour , a slight warmth from the ginger and an abundance of sultanas and raisins in the chutney which it really very pleasent .

the recipe that I used was this one from Pennysaints , its on foodwise
http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/memb … ey%20/1575

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JAN 24 @ 08:57

by Belwhicooking

I have never tried chutney however after reading this I am going to give it a go that looks lovely .
Thanks thumbsup

JAN 24 @ 14:11

by mummza

Do it's really easy to make you just need a bit of patience to get it cooked down .

(I used Bramley cooking apples .)

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