Jamie Oliver

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JAN 28 @ 12:00

by Belwhicooking

Not sure if we made overseas news however we have a sleepless night ahead here in ipswich Australia as the flood water is in the next door neighbours yard.
Did a quick lemon, ginger and turmeric rice.  I was not going to cook but a friend said don't forget to do your Jamie recipe .smile

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JAN 29 @ 13:15

by Sandy

Hope you are all okay and the water did not reach you.

Am really enjoying all your blogs thumbsup

JAN 30 @ 22:04

by Belwhicooking

Thanks so much for the kind words, we were fine but only 3 houses down the road a house went under so it got pretty close. We could not sleep for days watching the water come up. yawnThe bridge to town is closed because of damage and closed for a few weeks.
I have been taking my flood affected neighbours home cooked Jamie Oliver meals as they start to rebuild and clean . Queensland is a mess the cyclone turned into a low depression and went from the top of Queensland right down to New South Wales . Never seen that before .
Belinda smile

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