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Meatballs in a hidden vegetable sauce !

FEB 06 @ 22:34

by mummza

Today I took my little friend home after school and stayed with her and her brothers untill the parents reterned home from work , on the days I take her home , I make their supper with whatever I find in the house . Today there were some ready made meatballs , to go with this I made a tomato based sauce that also had leek, garlic , carrot , sweet potato and yellow peppers liquidised into the sauce.
Whilst I was making the sauce one of the boys came sling and peered into the pan ..
"What's that ?" He said pointing to the sweet potato .
I told him ..
" I don't think any of us like that " he said
To which I told him that I had cooked it many times for them before and they had always eaten and enjoyed it .. To which he simply replied
"fair enough " and with a big smile on his face he disappeared out of the kitchen !

The sauce I am told was delicious and well enjoyed ..
'Fair enough ' I thought !

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