Jamie Oliver


FEB 07 @ 16:40

by Grandmadamada

I'll try to repeat this beautiful carving made by cuoco Robertosmile

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FEB 07 @ 18:36

by mummza

big_smile that brings a huge smile to my face big_smile

FEB 07 @ 22:38

by Grandmadamada

what would you do with them mummza? I filled them with finely cut garlic, grated stale (??) bread, parmesan and capers, a thread of evo oil and let them simmer with a lid on until soft ... .mmmmmmm

FEB 09 @ 19:48

by MsPablo

That's such a pretty variety.  The stuffing sounds great!

FEB 11 @ 10:22

by Grandmadamada

at the end taking away the leaves until you see no more dark ones and cutting two cm of the top, you really eat it all without leaving anything on your platethumbsup

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